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Whether it's all over tanning, pre-holiday tanning, help with a skin condition / SAD to increase your vitamin D level or to simply look good, it's never been easier and more enjoyable.

You love the tanned look and the Bronze Tanning is here to ensure that this happens effectively within a controlled environment.  

Our staff are all fully trained to offer you advice on how to get the best from your tanning sessions and we adhere fully to Health & Safety Executive standards.

Why does your skin tan?

Your skin becomes brown when it is exposed to ultra violet light (UV light) due to melanin rising to the surface of your skin.

The brown melanin forms a barrier on your skin, which along with thickening of the skin acts as the bodie's natural mechanism of protection.

What are the benefits of sun beds?

The well maintained and effective sun beds at Bronze Tanning don't just help you to look good but help you feel good as well.

Your body releases endorphines or pleasure chemicals when you do something pleasurable such as tanning on our sun beds. Feel the gentle breeze flowing around the sun bed, close your eyes and imagine you are on any beach you desire!

Ultra violet light from sun beds and sunshine also enable your body to process vitamin D which is essential for your health. Research is now suggesting that a high proportion of the UK's population is deficient in vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin D is linked to many conditions such as heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and cancers, including skin cancer. 

It it true that sun beds are linked to skin cancer?

Excessive exposure to ultra violet light either from the sun or sun beds resulting in burning has been linked to skin cancer. Research states that moderate exposure without burning does not increase the risk of skin cancer. Sun beds at Bronze Tanning  Centre offer a controlled environment in which to tan all year round ensuring that you will only have moderate exposure and that you will not burn.

How often can I use a sun bed?

Leave at least 24 hours between sessions but leave it longer if you develop redness or irritation. You are advised to have at least 2 or 3 sun beds per week in order to build your tan to your desired level. Remember your skin will only tan as quickly as it would normally do in natural sun light.

If you are using sun beds for vitamin D supplementation, SAD or skin problems we are happy to advise you on frequency.

Conditions that prevent you using sun beds

Under 18
A medical condition that's worse in sunlight
Excessive freckles and or moles
History of sun burn as a child
Your immediate family have had skin cancer

Read this article regarding advise to have sun beds from a top cancer doctor! Click here.

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